Receiving a Pentax SLR 35mm camera as a birthday gift in December 2001 turned out to be a life-changing moment for me. With my new camera in hand, I began to see the world in a different way, taking notice of the often-overlooked details that surrounded me. I developed a newfound appreciation for the interplay of light, shapes, and shadows, and I found myself drawn to the art of photography.
Determined to hone my skills, I enrolled in a course at the renowned photography school "Taller de FotografĂ­a Roberto Mata" in Caracas, Venezuela. Yet, one course was not enough to satisfy my growing passion. I continued taking course after course, constantly seeking to improve my craft.
Now, photography is an integral part of my life that I cannot imagine living without. It has become a medium through which I express my creativity, capture moments of beauty and tell stories. I'm grateful for the camera that kickstarted this journey, and I hope you enjoy the little piece of my work that I'm sharing with you.
Thank you!
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